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The team at Amara Studios…

We work as a team, so when you hire Amara Studios, you get the combined expertise of the two of us. While we can’t always predict what skill set each of us might bring forward for your particular project, rest assured that the whole is much, much greater than the sum of its parts. We are a wife-and-husband team, connected on many levels, a lot of fun to have around!
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She often says that if she wasn’t a photographer, she would go into politics: this girl gets things done! Suzanne has a knack for finding just the right person, place, or process, and getting results where others might fail.

Suzanne loves her Leet boys, two little guys who have almost as much energy as she does… A devoted mother, she prays that she will forever be able to keep up with them. Never to be outdone, she will play all kinds of sports with them, help out at school, race them around town in the Subaru, and always finds the time to help them learn creatively.

She’s comes a long way from just boiling water for potatoes and pasta… now she will spend hours preparing enough food (and then some) for a big crowd of people: her gatherings are yummy feasts!

Last but not least, this girl isn’t shy.

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“Go big or go home” has always been a bit of a slogan for George and his hobbies. He wants to know everything that there is to know about a subject if he is going to spend any time at all on something.

George, as they say, “sweats the details”. His homebrew is award winning craft beer. When he took up fly-fishing, he didn’t just learn to tie flies that bring results, he learned to build fly rods. George gets a charge out of activities that demand attention to detail, creativity and technical know-how.

His kids mean the world to this fun-loving Dad, there just isn’t enough space here to talk about the time he has devoted to keeping them happy… well, that, and the empty bank account!

Finally, George is simply crazy about Suzanne.

George and Suzanne are two of the most talented, creative and entertaining photographers out there. Amara Studios truly has a way to authentically represent your message, emotion, and create an image that captures the “moment” you’re striving for. George and Suzanne are masters at understanding your mindset and work hard to capture the story you are trying to tell. They both care deeply that you’re satisfied with the end result. Amara Studios truly know photography and are dedicated to creating meaningful and effective photographs for you.
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